Land or Sea – the LED is a Must Have

LED lights are well known for being durable, energy efficient as well as maintenance free. There are lots of LED (light emitting diode) light fittings out in the market with a very broad price range. One can readily distinguish two classes of them:

Current regulated: the light fittings that operate with a wide range of voltage supplied

Current Unregulated: the light operates with small voltage supply

It is easy to give your truck an appeal and customise it with an LED. On a truck LED lights are usually the light bar or driving light as they have a good life span and are equipped with CREE LED’s. Yes! The cost may seem high, but it’s worth it since you can drive well into the dark of night, with 11,000 lumens high intensity LED driving light. It is equipped with CREE 10 Watt chips and submergibility up to 3 meters.


The LED is used in various other fields where it operates under extremely high or low temperatures. Some fields where this is a requirement – Mining, Farming and Marine. The multipurpose 5000 lumen waterproof Marine LED light is a 35 watt ultra high output. The performance is superior with state-of-the-art designs of the reflector and the heat sink. It is available in two amazing colours – the stain white and the hot shot black. The electronic chipset drives all the LED’s.

The use of current-regulated lights on a boat or in a truck is to avoid the large fluctuations that take place in the supply voltage. If energy efficiency is a consideration, then consumption is a very good reason to use regulated LED lights because the energy wastage is very low. The LED lights from purple industries come with a five year warranty and 1 year full replacement if the need arises.